When You’re Actually Allowed To Approach A Lady

You’d think this was a conversation you wouldn’t need to have but it appears that many people just don’t seem to get it: there are certain times and places where it may be acceptable to approach a woman, or a member of the opposite sex. In any other circumstance, it may come off as harassment.

The bottom line is: don’t ever impose yourself on other people. Respect their personal space and respect their dignity. If you really must approach someone, here are a few circumstances in which it may be okay:

1. If she is a friend of a friend.

If she is a friend of a friend.
If somehow the fates have conspired in your favor and the lady that you fancy is actually a friend of your friend, you can theoretically speak to her. That is, unless she doesn’t like you or if she’s dating your friend…

This sort of situation makes it easy to spark up a conversation. Just remember not to be weird.