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When Actors & Actresses Take On Biopics, How Do They Measure Up

Biopics aren’t like most movies: they bring to life a historical figure and portray certain aspects of their lives. This is a huge responsibility, especially in cases where the movie is about an important or well loved person. Casting directors scour through thousands of potentials actors and actresses to cast someone who fits the role just right. It’s not just the looks that they’re concerned with, it’s also their presence. Will they be up to the task?

Once a suitable actor or actress is cast, the transformation process begins. This entails doing everything necessary to make the similarity between the historical figure and the actor or actress almost uncanny. They’ll also have to study the motions, body language, and speaking habits of their subjects extensively in order to be able to capture them on screen.

Check out some of these incredible transformations:

1. James Franco as James Dean in James Dean

James Franco as James Dean in <i>James Dean</i>

This transformation was so spot on, the two James’ could pass for identical twins.