Want To Know What The Inside Of An Abandoned Stadium Looks Like? These 3 Drunk Friends Stumbled In To Find Out

Houston’s Astrodome was heralded as the first multi-purpose, domed sports stadium in the world when it opened in 1965. For the longest time, the stadium was the home to the town’s beloved Houston Astros and Houston Oilers (now in Tennessee under the Titans banner). Yet when the Astros moved to the flashier NRG Stadium next door in 2002, the once-proud structure became a fossil of its former self. Only cobwebs and the scuff from cleats on the locker room floor remained as fans and players alike flocked to the Astros’ new home.

In 2012, three friends drunkenly stumbled into the abandoned dome. What they captured gave outsiders a close look at baseball history and of what became of the stadium’s former glory. They also seemed to have quite a bit of fun in the process.

1. Go Astros!

Go Astros!