This Company Creates Creepy Custom Urns For Your Dead Loved Ones

Upon the passing of a loved one, some choose to get the body cremated. Instead of having to decide which coffin to use, families have to pick out an urn in which to place the ashes. This can be a difficult process.

Cremation Solution is a company which offers, according to them, a revolutionary new way to preserve the ashes of your deceased loved ones:

They specialize in creating 3D urns in the exact shape, and likeness of the deceased’s head.

Families would have to provide photographs of the persons head from the front and from the side. 

Then, the company uses rendering software to create a perfect 3D printed urn of your loved one’s head.

The urns come in two different sizes. Full sized for $2,600, which will hold all of the ashes from a human body. The other option is a keepsake sized urn for $600, which only holds a portion of the ashes.

Don’t worry, each urn comes with a heavy marble base to prevent it from tipping over. 

If you’re not interested in a mere head, you can even get an action-figured urn! 

We’re not really sure who would want to spend the rest of eternity with their ashes in an Indiana Jones urn with the likeness of Robert Pattinson.