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These Young Service Dogs Are So Eager To Learn. It Will Melt Your Heart

In order to become a service dog, pups have to go through a considerable amount of training.

A guide dog is a type of assistant dog that leads individuals who are blind, and alerts them to curbs, oncoming cars, and the like. They’re also known as seeing eye dogs.

A hearing dog on the other hand will alert their deaf companion when a doorbell is rung, when an oven timer beeps, when someone calls their name, when a baby cries, etc.

A service dog helps a whole range of disabled persons, such as those who are confined to electric wheelchairs and can’t reach light switches, people with various forms of autism, or those who need seizure alert help.

Get ready to see these extremely intelligent pups in action!

1. “Hello world! I’m Ready to learn!”

"Ready to learn!"