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These Incredible Pieces Of Art Were Created By Children 15 Years Old And Younger

Art is an incredibly diverse and rewarding medium of expression. To some, art comes naturally. For others, it may take years of practice to create a decent piece. Another unique aspect of art is the fact that when it comes to its creation, age is absolutely irrelevant.

The following pieces were created by kids. That’s right, children ages 15 years and younger. It’s clear that these individuals are incredibly talented and were born with a gift. With the encouragement of their parents, they explored their skills and refined them further.

These children all come from different backgrounds. Their ages (when the pieces were created) range from four to 15, and, as you can see, their styles range wildly. Furthermore, all of these kids were internationally recognized for their talent, and just by looking at the following pieces, it’s easy to see why.

1. Hamzah Marbella, Untitled

<a href="">Hamzah Marbella</a>, Untitled

In 2001, at only 8 years old, Hamzah created bright, joyous pictures full of color. He made the rounds in the art scene in his native Philippines, and his images of smiling women, fish, and cats might be a reflection of his childhood home. No news on what he might be up to today, but based on what he was doing at 8, we hope he continued to make art.