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These Eerie Abandoned Morgues Are Sure To Give You A Fright

So, you thought regular old morgues were creepy? Try stepping inside an abandoned morgue, where the building itself is also dead or dying.

These pictures illustrate just how spine-tingling the sensation of walking into one of these places would be. Rusted equipment, abandoned chemical bottles, bone saws, and autopsy tables are all covered with a thick layer of dust. Doors of broken cadaver fridges hang by their hinges and make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

1.) West Middlesex Hospital, England.

1.) West Middlesex Hospital, England.

Built in 1894, this was once home to a bustling community hospital. The facility operated continuously until the building wasn’t safe for use anymore. In 2003, they constructed a new facility next door to which they moved their operations.

The abandoned hospital is slated for demolition, but until then, it ominously stands there. Inside, you can find a still fully stocked morgue, complete with bottles of embalming chemicals.