The Coolest Dog Bed Ever Check Out What This Guy Made For His Adorable Pooch

That summer heat can be lethal for our furry friends. Dogs have a normal body temperature of about 102 degrees, but since dogs don’t sweat, they are much more likely to get hyperthermia than their human owners. That’s why it’s very important to keep them as cool as possible by making sure they have constant access to fresh, cold water, and an air conditioned environment.

This guy takes the cake when it comes to dedicated pet owners. He noticed his 13-year-old Labrador was digging up his flowers on hot days to get to the cool dirt. He therefore decided to save his pup from the heat…and his flowers from being dug up!

He made his dog an air conditioned pet bed out of fans, PVC pipes, and frozen water bottles. Check out the awesome (and adorable) invention below.

1. Here’s the finished product, it definitely looks like his pup approves!

Here's the finished product. Let's see how it's done.