Take a Peep Inside An Abandoned Chocolate Factory

When you think Chocolate Factory, you probably get visions of the factory you saw in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately, this chocolate factory is nothing like that marvelous place in your chocolate fantasies.

This Hershey chocolate factory has been abandoned for a long time. Photographer Matthew Christopher decided to go inside to catch a glimpse of the abandoned factory. Christopher bravely explores the empty parts of the U.S. and his incredible photos are featured in his book, “Abandoned America: The Age of Consequences.”

Before the factory was abandoned, The photographer’s father used to work for the original Hershey factory. Now his son Christopher is back documenting the state of the place his father once knew so well.

Considering the fact that the factory was built in 1903, it doesn’t look too bad from the inside.

It may look bad, but considering that it was built in 1903, it's actually in pretty good shape.




These boards marked the last shifts that took place here.

The last shifts.



Can you see the little remnants of chocolate still left on the machines?

If you look closely, you can still see little remnants of chocolate on the machines.

When the factory was abandoned, 600 people were put out of work.

The move forced 600 people out of work.

Hershey moved it’s business to a new plant in West Hershey, Pennsylvania, where chocolate production has resumed.

Hershey  built a new plant in West Hershey, Pennsylvania, where chocolate production has resumed.



The abandoned factory has been ordered to be destroyed.

The place is slowly being destroyed by crews.


The sheets spread on the machines make them look like those who are deceased.

Some of the machines wear sheets, making them look like industrial ghosts.



One can hope that the existing factory can be recycled into something useful for the community.

I hope the factory can be recycled into something equally important to the community.