Take a Look at These High School Pictures From 1969 – Notice Any Similarities

High school – it’s either four years of some of the best times you’ve ever had or a complete nightmare. Sometimes, when we’re in a mood to reminisce, it’s nice to blow the dust off of the covers of our old high school yearbooks and take a peep at what our lives were like back then.

High school is a time of transition, coming of age, and self-discovery. It’s important to not judge yourself too harshly for the fashion choices you made back then. Or the hairstyle you insisted on sporting even though it definitely wasn’t doing you any favors!

Time magazine published a series of photos from a high school in 1969. Take a look and see how familiar some of these photos look! It’s almost as if the spirit of transition and change is something which is universally captured in all high school yearbooks.