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Take a Glimpse Inside This Eerie Abandoned High School

Built in 1931, Holly High School was once a proud community landmark in Holly, New York. In 1971, the once vibrant high school was abandoned due to the harmful effects of asbestos and lead paint. For the past 40 years, hallways which were once bustling with students have been empty. There is no bell that sounds here anymore.

Today,photographers and urban explorers leave stuffed animals in the seats in the auditorium as eternal spectators to the decay around them.

Amidst crumbling walls and chipping paint, the desks are still lined in neat rows.

Once, the schools many windows let in natural light. Today, most of those windows are boarded up or broken, leaving only darkness inside.

Can you imagine what this staircase looked like filled with students rushing to class?

No lessons have been taught here for a long time now.

Some of the walls that had collages when the school was open are now covered with graffiti.