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See How This Adorable Puppy Get's Ready For Bath Time

There are some dogs that love the water and anxiously await bath/water play time. Then there are others who shiver at the idea of getting wet, and will do anything and everything in their power to avoid the dreaded bath. For them, bathing is akin to a really traumatic event. So much so that some dogs have to have dry baths, using special cleansing products.

There are also some dogs who, may or may not be to keen on bath time, but are determined to go in prepared. These little ones start paddling their little paws before they come near the water. Clearly they believe that you can never be too careful in the water! Just take a look at this little bundle of joy named Maruko:

Look at me! I’m ready, i’m ready, I’m ready!

"The suspense is killing meee!"

“Yeah…that wasn’t so bad”

"...Okay, this is seriously underwhelming for all of my anticipation."