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Scared of Snakes? These Adorable Harmless Little Snakes Are Sure To Change Your Mind

You’re unlikely to find a lot of people who love snakes. For one, a lot of them are extremely dangerous and downright terrifying. It’s easy to see why they’ve gotten such a bad reputation. C’mon – have you seen Anaconda?! Yikes!

But not all snakes are monstrously large and dangerous! Of the many species of snakes that exist, some are quite tiny and even adorable!

For those who suffer from ophidiophobia – the fear of snakes – we give you some of the teeniest, tiniest, most adorable little snakes that might even make you go awwww.

1. Look at how dapper this little guy is!

I mean, come <em>on</em>. He's wearing a <em>top hat</em>.