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One Of The Most Horrific Ghosts Of America’s Past Will Forever Haunt Us

Looking back in time can sometimes be a painful and uncomfortable experience. It forces us to look at some of the atrocities that were committed quite close to home, and well forever mar American History. The following incidences do not reflect well on America, but they are undeniable, part of our past. It is important to study this time in-depth and remember the suffering that was inflicted, in the hopes that we may never falter like this again. One of these horrible but important aspects of American History was slavery.

Not so long ago, people were bought and sold as commodities. They weren’t even treated like human beings, rather, they were viewed as property. We cannot forget that this enslavement of human beings, and the terrible lies told about these human beings to rationalize their enslavement still haunt America today, and serve as the foundation of many of the injustices and inequalities that are all to prevalent in its society.

1. The enslaved peoples were crammed onto ships from Africa and transported across the sea.

It began with the enslaved peoples being crammed onto ships to be transported across the sea.