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Not Your Average Sculptures: Prepare to Be A Little Freaked Out

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Since the dawn of ages, artists have used various mediums to convey their feelings, messages, etc. Each piece of art is unique; an attempt by an artist to convey a message in their own distinctive way.

Sculptors frequently try to make their work as realistic and lifelike as possible. Their dedication to realism dates back to the ancient artists of Egypt and Greece, through the Renaissance, and up until today. When we say realistic or lifelike, you may have a pretty clear picture in mind of what a sculpture may look like…

Then there’s the work of Italian artist and sculptor Alessandro Boezio. It’s lifelike, alright—but probably not what you had in mind…

1. Mano in Piedi

<i>Mano in Piedi</i>