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Nifty Life Hacks From The 1950’s That Can Help You Today

Let’s face it: modern day life can be pretty hectic. It’s no wonder we’re obsessed with finding quicker, more efficient ways to do things in order to save our precious, valuable time.

Today, we’ve got TV shows, magazine articles, books, websites, blogs, and even entire channels on cable devoted to tips and tricks we can use to make life a little bit easier. Even with our present day fixation with life hacks (have you seen Pinterest?!) it appears that the concept isn’t really all that new.

Here are a couple of old photos from a few of the 1950’s issues of Popular Mechanics. These pictures make it very clear that homeowners have been obsessed with discovering little tricks to make life around the house a wee bit more simple. The best part is, many of these tips can still be used today!