Move Over Zombies! We’ve Been Obsessed With Surviving An Apocalypse Long Before You Came Along

Many people have been predicting the end of the world for a long time now. If an asteroid isn’t on a collision course with Earth, an ancient civilization has been prophesying our doom since before you and I were even born.

Preparing for an Apocalypse is tough work. This is no extended holiday in which the general stores are closed for a specific amount of time. This is the end of the world we’re talking about! You need to think about shelter, food, supplies, weapons, medicines…everything!

In the 1950’s, the biggest threat to our existence was the imminent threat of nuclear warfare. The threat was perceived as so real that many people made bunkers and shelters in the event that an apocalypse actually occurred.

Take a look at some of the blueprints of these shelters and marvel at the farsightedness of our species. No one can argue with the logic that it’s always better to be prepared.