Historical Hipsters Check Out What This Artist Just Did

Fashion and trends are constantly in a state of flux. What’s in and suave one second will be a thing of memory the next. The current trend that seems to be taking the whole world by storm is the so called “hipster fashion”.

Whether you’ve bought clothes to join in on this trend, or you’re simply browsing the internet, you’re bound to come across it in some form during your day.

But have you ever wondered how certain historical figures would look like if they dressed like hipsters? C’mon…admit it…you have!

For those of you that have, or are now curious about said illustrations, look no further! These illustrations created by Israeli illustrator Amit Shimoni are part of a collection called Hipstory. You can expect to see some familiar faces dressed in bright clothes, spiffy hairdos, piercings and modern facial hair (which happens to look a lot like historical facial hair).

1. Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher