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Here Are Some Incredible Facts About Animals That’ll Blow You Away!

There are a large number of animals out there that share a lot of characteristics with our species. Some can feel sadness or grief as powerfully as we can, some can solve puzzles just as easily as we can, and some are simply more polite than we are. We’re learning more about their lives all the time, while also learning how they can drastically affect our lives. We inhabit this single planet, so we might as well learn to appreciate our neighbors – mammalian, insect, or otherwise – for all they are and for all they can lend to us.

1. Elephants wait for each other instinctively before starting a meal.

Your mom probably had to tell you to wait for everyone to be seated to dig into dinner, but elephants wait for each other instinctively.Other animals are equally as considerate. Rats will open each others’ cage doors even when there is a treat to be eaten elsewhere, so you can hold off on those mashed potatoes ’til everyone’s seated.