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Have You Seen American Sniper? Here Are 7 Other True Stories of Snipers That Will Blow Your Mind

With the release of the the movie American Sniper, which caused a considerable amount of controversy, the topic of snipers has been fresh in a lot of people’s minds. While the pundits debate different aspects of the film, the core of Chris Kyle’s story remains true. Although his story is now one which many people are familiar with, there are many other insane stories of real, snipers out there. Just take these seven guys for example:

1. Matt Hughes.

Matt Hughes.

During the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Matt Hughes was a Welsh Royal Marine sniper. Hughes was assigned to remove two Iraqi soldiers who were holding up the offensive. There was only one problem, they were very far away (about 0.5 miles) and the wind was blowing hard.

Hughes was not about to abandon his mission. So, to compensate for the wind and the distance, he aimed his rifle 56 feet to the left and 38 feet high. By some miracle, Hughes actually managed to land the shot, and struck one of these Iraqis in the chest.