Gut Wrenching Letter From a Daughter to her Father Found in a Parking Lot

As a customer was leaving a pub in Somerset, U.K., he saw a crumpled letter lying on the ground. Curiosity made him pick it up. As he smoothed the folds of the paper out, he realized that what he had found was a deeply personal and heartbreaking letter.

A 10-year-old girl named Summer Lloyd wrote the letter for her father, who had passed away five years earlier. The letter offers a glimpse into the mind of someone who has suffered a huge loss.

In one of the lines she writes:

“Sometimes I look at the sky and make a wish. And I make the wish on the brightest star I see, and I believe it is you.”

Summer and the owner of the pub where the letter was found.

In the letter, Summer also talks about the immense love she has for her father and how terribly she misses him. She writes about the struggles she faces in coping with his loss and trying to move on without him in her life.

She had been planning to tie the note to a balloon and releasing it into the sky. Unfortunately, she had dropped the letter and lost it. Luckily for her, the customer who found the letter returned it to the pub owner who posted a picture of the letter on Facebook in hopes of finding Summer.

Thankfully, it worked and the letter was returned to Summer, who along with her family expressed gratitude at having it back.

Summer continues to release a balloon every year for her dad.

However, this letter she decided to keep and frame so she could remember this incredible story.