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Forever Alone! One of The Worst Fate’s Imaginable Was Their Reality

For many people, one of the worst fate’s imaginable is dying alone, in the absence of anyone who you love and care for to comfort you in your time of need. Unfortunately, there are some people who spent their whole lives keeping to themselves and died in a similar fashion: alone and lonely.

1.) Simon Allen.

1.) Simon Allen.

Allen was a loner who lived by himself in the center of Brighton, East Sussex in the U.K. He died in December 2010, but his body wasn’t discovered in his apartment until November 2012. No one thought to check on Allen during all that time, not even his neighbors. They just reported a musty smell outside of his apartment.

Days before his body was found, the landlord had been to the property to investigate why Allen hadn’t paid his rent in several months. Not long after, he found out why.