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Do You Believe in Ghosts? These Ghost Hunters Caught Some Images Which Will Chill You To The Core

You may or may not believe in ghosts; for the purposes of this post, that besides the point. Allen Tiller is a man who definitely does believe in ghosts and goes out searching for them every day in his line of work. Tiller is a tried-and-true ghost hunter and cast member on Australia’s new ghostly miniseries, Haunting: Australia, where he explores the country’s haunted hotspots.

Earlier this month, Tiller and his team released photos documenting the spirits they encountered while filming the show. The most terrifying images from the set managed to capture the full-body apparition of a little girl inside an abandoned mental asylum.

1. The following pictures were taken inside Beechworth Lunatic Asylum by Gaurav Tiwari, founder of the Indian Paranormal Team and a member of Tiller’s crew.

These two photos were captured inside the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum by Gaurav Tiwari, founder of the <a href="" target="_blank">Indian Paranormal Team</a> and a member of Tiller's crew.

An assortment of technologies were used to capture these photos, including full-spectrum cameras and electromagnetic field detectors. The team also employed the use of voice recorders for the more talkative spirits.