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What One Man Did To His Old Washing Machine Is Inspired (And Simple)

What can you do with an old washing machine, other than throw it out? One man, determined to surprise his wife for Valentine’s Day, decided to find out.

Using his knowledge of metal work and an old machine, he built a pretty awesome fire pit that will most certainly make their Valentine’s Day special.

It all started with an old washing machine.

He removed the center drum of the washing machine.

The next step involved welding together a stand using common bars and rods.

He bent some metal into the shape of their initials, A & W (Alison & Walt).

Next he picked up some high heat resistant paint to give the fire pit the right look.

Here’s the finished product!

(via Instructables)

This is a pretty great project, and an awesome Valentine’s Day gift. It’s a gift that really warms your heart (sorry, I had to!).