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What This Dresser Is Hiding Is Practical, Cool, And Perfect For Your Cats

If you have a cat, you know how great it is to come home to their fluffy face every day…but coming home to a smelly house, cat litter tracked around, and a nasty litter box? Not quite as awesome.

Redditor Oddly_Specific and his wife came up with a genius solution to the unsightly and stinky litter box problem they had because of their multiple cats. They purchased an old dresser at a recycling center for only $45 and made it into a secret litter box hideaway, keeping their house clean and their cats happy. Check out how they did it below.

This is the dresser they bought for $45. First, they cut out the middle rows of wood.

Then, they traced holes in the sides for cutting.

Next, they attached the doors and made sure the drawers fit properly.

They glued on decorative trim to match the look of the rest of the dresser.

On goes the first door…

…And the construction was finished with the second.

To clean the littler boxes, all they have to do is open the doors or pull out the drawers.

After the paint job was finished, when the doors are closed, you can’t tell it holds a litter box.

They use the extra drawers to hold cat food and toys.

It took a little while for the cats to get acclimated, but they eventually figured it out.

(source Little Things)

I love my cat, but I’m always embarrassed when guests come over and my litter box is out in the open. This is an awesome way to keep the house clean and pretty. This project doesn’t seem too difficult to execute, either. Would you try this in your home?