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Did You Think Humans Were Unique in Their Ability To Create Art? Think Again!

For years, many scientists and academics felt that the ability to create and understand art was a trait which differentiated humans from other species. Recent research however, shows that when it comes to appreciating aesthetics, we’re definitely not alone.

It has been found that certain species, aside from ourselves, can interpret things like color and composition, and therefore create art. This information is highly useful because it helps us to better understand these creatures.

The following are just a few of the animals that we now know can create art:

1. Gorillas


Koko is a very famous gorilla who can “speak” sign language and also likes to paint. Not only does she paint, but she can also describe, via signs, what she is painting to her human friends. She also has opinions about art. In one case, she expressed her dislike for one of her own paintings by signing “toilet” above it. In another instance, she signed “Koko love” regarding a painting done by a fellow primate, a chimp named Ai. The paintings look abstract (or like scribbles) to us, but it seems that Koko might see them in a different way.