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You'll Need A Plane Ticket And A Cavity To See These 10 Amazing Dentist Offices

Going to a dental office is one of life’s many pains. There is virtually nothing to like about the experience, from scheduling an appointment to dealing with the pain at the end.

Until now.

These 10 dentist offices from around the world are trying to make your visit more comfortable. Although they can’t make the procedure any less annoying, they might make you hate it less and come back more often. Your teeth will thank you.

1. Dental Quarters, Perth, Australia.

You’ll never step into another dentist office like this, or at least one that displays unique items that cannot be found anywhere else.

2. Horacek Dental Clinic, Portland, Oregon.

Head to Portland and you’ll find a dentist’s office where they actually serve local, organic coffee, all in a comfy place to relax.

3. Alfonso Patron Dental, Arlington, Virginia.

This office provides positive distractions to patients and visitors. It exposes the therapeutic benefits of color as backdrops for the highly meticulous procedures taking place every day.

4. Dentistry for Kids, Wilsonville, Oregon.

Dr. Dustin James and co. made sure kids don’t grow up dreading a visit to their office, so they decorated every room to amaze and excite visitors of all ages.

5. Dental Bliss, Bangkok, Thailand.

This office was designed to relax patients before going under the knife by keeping things ultra simple and plush.

6. Labratório de Prótese, Porto, Portugal.

You wouldn’t be the only one who didn’t think this was a dentist’s office, which was designed by famed Portuguese architect Paulo Merlini.

7. Dental Clinic, Lisbon, Portugal.

Another design by Portuguese architect Paulo Merlini. Can you ever imagine being afraid of going here?

8. Dentist Angels, Barcelona, Spain.

Cold, clean, white, and sterile. There’s no worry of feeling dirty here.

9. Barcelona Clinic, Barcelona, Spain.

This office uses solid wood to create sculptural elements for the walls and ceilings to achieve a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It also features vertical gardens to bring the outdoors in a subtle yet eye-catching way.

10. Dental Inn, Viernheim, Germany.

This German dentist office has an island feel, glass walls, and sliding doors that separate the interior from the exterior. It incorporates many features seen in a house.

(via Odd Stuff Magazine)

It seems that certain dentists around the world are making an effort to see my teeth more often. Too bad I’m such a good flosser, though. Otherwise, I’d certainly want to take them in more often.