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These Kids Better Get The Presents They Want, Or There Will Be Consequences

When children write letters to Santa Claus, they are usually polite and ask nicely for what they want. Their endgame is, of course, to ensure their status as one of the kids on Santa’s “nice” list. Apparently, children became bolder in recent years, because their requests for gifts got a bit more forceful. Perhaps they’re also threatening Santa? Perhaps…

1. Hopefully Santa has that connection.

2. Whoa, that’s no way to get Santa on your side.

3. At least there was an apology at the end.

4. At least he spelled it out clearly for Santa

5. Threatening Santa?

6. Well, that was cordial and professional.

7. Don’t give Santa any of those gingerbread men.

8. An AK-47?!

9. A doubting Thomas here.

10. Just make some more!

11. I wonder what this kids plans to do with $53 billion.

12. It was nice to let Santa know when to be out of the house.

13. Everyone is a critic these days.

14. This is quite formal.

15. A health conscious Santa is a great role model.

16. Just give her a puppy already!

17. I don’t think that would be possible.

18. Take it easy, Santa.

19. Santa owes no one an explanation.

I hope these kids get what they want. I certainly don’t want to see Santa get harmed by these dastardly children.