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These 6 Incredibly Deep Holes From Around The World Are Mind Boggling

Out of every geological feature on earth, none make you more aware that you are just a speck on a rock that is floating in dark nothingness like a giant hole that burrows to the center of the planet.

These holes were created in various ways (both naturally and by man), but every one looks like a blasted gateway to hell. Here are some of the deepest holes on the planet.

1. Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas – 660 ft deep.

A “blue hole” is a large hole whose entrance is below sea level. This one in particular is the deepest saltwater blue hole in the world. It’s almost twice the depth of most others. (There’s no word on who Dean is and why he made such a horrifyingly big hole in the planet, though.)

2. Mount Baldy Sink Hole, Indiana – 11 feet deep.

These weird, Sarlacc-pit-looking sink holes are starting to appear around the Mount Baldy Sand Dune near Lake Michigan. One sink hole even swallowed a child in 2011. Luckily, after three hours, he was dug out of the pit (otherwise he surely would have met the same fate as Boba Fett).

3. Ice Cube Neutrino Observatory Hole (1 of 86) – 1.5 miles deep.

These holes were dug using heated pipes that were jammed into a frozen hellscape. They are used by researchers to observe the elusive neutrinos through the South Pole Telescope.

4. Great Blue Hole, Belize – 407 ft deep.

This hole was made famous by Jacques Cousteau, who said it was one of the top scuba diving sites in the world. You can take a tour and dive in, if you’re not scared of giant, Pacific Rim monster-aliens from another dimension portaling through.

5. Glory Hole, Monticello Dam, California – 304 ft deep.

This man-made dam with a fairly provocative name can drain approximately 48,000 cubic feet of water per second. I can barely get myself to drink 3 cups of water a day.

6. 2010 Guatemala City Sinkhole – 100 ft deep.

Ok, this one might actually be a wormhole to the underworld. In 2010, the mysterious sinkhole blew through Guatemala City’s Zona 2, swallowing a three-story building whole.

Well, if you ever needed proof that this planet is a dying sphere that will eventually eat us all, just take a look at these terrifying holes.