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By Rolling Ice Cream In Cereal, You Can Recreate An Incredible Restaurant Dessert

Many restaurants feature fried ice cream on their dessert menu, but as you eat it, you can’t help but wonder…how can you put all that melty goodness into a bubbling hot deep fryer?!

If you thought you could only get this hot and cold creamy treat when you go out to eat, think again. The secret is freezing the ice cream until it’s as rock hard as possible, and then frying it as quickly as you can. All you need is your favorite flavor of ice cream, corn flakes, a few eggs, and some vegetable oil. Get all the details in the video below!

(via Nicko’s Kitchen)

This would be the perfect recipe to try on a lazy weekend afternoon, since you have to go back and forth from the freezer a few times. I’m totally going to try making this with cookies and cream ice cream.