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Give Your Face Forest Some Flair This Holiday Season And Support A Good Cause

Having a beard is pretty much the easiest way to let people know how cool you are these days. But how many people really appreciate your beard on a day-to-day basis? Make sure everyone truly appreciates your facial hair this year with the season’s latest trend: Beard Baubles.

Just when you thought all things beard-related reached their highest highs (or lowest lows, depending on how you feel), there are beard Baubles. These miniature Christmas tree ornaments are designed to clip into facial hair for extra holiday flair. And if anyone questions you on this highly fashionable, effortlessly chic style choice, tell them it goes to a good cause. The Beard Baubles come through Beard Season, an Australian charity that encourages beard growth to raise awareness for melanoma.

Each package of Beard Baubles comes with fourteen pieces, ten large and four small (for the mustache?). The first batch already sold out, although they should be back in stock. Keep up on the latest on Beard Baubles’ Twitter account.

(Via My Modern Met)