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It May Look Like She's Just Enjoying A Party, But The Truth Is Outlandishly Morbid

For most people, funerals are a somber occasion. They’re a time to remember the deceased and what they meant to us when they were alive. Funerals are also typically the farthest experience from a party, largely due to the mournful atmosphere surrounding them.

This was not the case for Miriam Burbank. This New Orleans native was a party animal when she was alive. Thus, when she died, her daughters decided to throw her one last shindig, and of course her corpse was in attendance.

Burbank’s two daughters worked with local Charbonnet Funeral Home for this event. The Charbonnet Funeral Home is a national leader in non-traditional send-offs.

With the blessing of her daughters, the funeral directors came up with the idea for Burbank’s last party.

They posed the late New Orleans Saints fan with a case of Busch beer and a menthol cigarette in her hand at a table, where she could “watch” the festivities.

It sounds like a strange way to send off a loved one, but it was apparently well-received, according to Burbank’s daughters.

(via WGNO)

Now that is a funeral! I know it’s hard to be happy when you’ve just lost someone close to you. However, I think the idea of funerals being celebrations of a person’s life rather than mourning their loss is something worth exploring.