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What One Little Boy Got In The Mail From His Dad Broke My Heart – You Must See Why

They say everything happens for a reason.

Back in 2007, this young boy’s father had been traveling home from earning advanced degrees in the hopes of giving his family a better life. Along the way, he wrote his son a series of postcards, one for each state he stopped in. Not all of them made it back home.

A little over two years ago, the boy’s father tragically died from a rare disease. But a couple days before the two year anniversary of his father’s death, he and his mother received something in the mail they didn’t expect.

(source 9News)

Receiving the postcard must have been an incredibly emotional experience. Maybe it was a good thing that the postcard was lost in the mail, only to appear when the mom and son needed it most. It serves as a reminder of what a good man this father was, and the love he had for his family.