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These 7 Allegedly Cursed Items Have Caused Mayhem Throughout History

Ghosts come in all different shapes and sizes. Because of this, it makes sense that a ghost would attach itself to an inanimate object and haunt all who possess it.

These are particularly grim items that were infamously possessed. If you happen to see any of these items at a yard sale, stay away from them by any means necessary.

1. George Meade Easby’s Chair Of Death.

Easby claimed he saw many ghostly apparitions before his death in 2005. One of the creepiest encounters involved his chair, which was said to have once belonged to Napoleon. Easby claimed that if anyone sat in this chair, a blue mist would surround the person. This was a sign that the female spirit Spectral Amelia had arrived. The person would then suddenly die. A total of four people took Easby to task, and all four have perished.

2. The Screaming Skull Of Burton Agnes Hall.

The Burton Agnes Hall was built by Sir Henry and commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I. When one of Henry’s sisters died, she made the odd request to have her head kept in the hall. When her body received a proper burial with her head still attached, an awful shriek could be heard throughout the hall. Thereafter, pictures would tremble and fall off the walls. The activity didn’t cease until Anne Henry’s demand was finally met.

3. Grandpa’s Cane.

A woman put this metal cane on eBay because she believed it was the source of a strange haunting of her home. It was once her father’s cane, but he died some time before. Her 6-year-old son claimed he could see his ghost. Some brave soul bought the cane for $65,000.

4. The Crying Boy Painting.

The story of the infamous Crying Boy painting says that it was the only item left unscathed in a terrible house fire. This led many to believe it was the cause of the fire. The work has survived many house fires since, and has mysteriously remained intact.

5. The Tallman House Bunk Bed.

Alan and Debby Tallman purchased a set of bunk beds for their children, and strange things immediately began to happen. The children became sick and started seeing images of a witch in their sleep. The radio would dial without anyone touching it. Finally, Alan came home one day and heard a voice beckon him to the garage, where he was met by intense fire. When he went to go get an extinguisher, the fire disappeared. The bed was then burned, and all paranormal activity immediately stopped.

6. The Chest Of Curses.

In the mid-1800s, a man by the name of Jacob Cooley told his slave to create a chest for his soon-to-be-born son. When the chest was made, Cooley was displeased and beat the slave to death. The other slaves performed a ritual to curse the chest. Cooley’s son died in infancy. Since then, 17 mysterious deaths have been attributed to this accursed item.

7. Rudolph Valentino’s Ring.

Some attribute the mysterious and untimely death of silent movie actor Rudolph Valentino to the ring he always wore. The ring featured a gem called tiger’s eye. When Rudolph bought the ring, he showed it to his friend, who had a vision of Rudolph growing pale and dying. When Rudolph died, the ring passed on to his lover, Pola Negri, who died shortly after wearing the ring. The same fate came to the man who played Valentino in a biopic of his life, Ross Columbo.

I’m not sure if I believe every one of these stories of cursed objects. However, just to be sure, I’m not going to be the person that touches them. You know, just in case…