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With A Few Camera Tricks, She Can Transform Her Drab Attic Into A Magical World

The photo series Secret Garden sees Canadian photographer Daniela Majic capturing her models in lush, dreamlike spaces full of flowers and shadows. Each model seems to dwell in a different garden, from a wintry one crystallized with ice to a beekeeper’s glade full of smoke and pollen.

So where does Majic find these places? Right in her attic! About once a month, Majic creates a new set using the materials already there, usually left over from a previous shoot. She creates the costumes and accessories for her models. She arranges the backdrops, which are composed of hundreds of spray-painted cloth flowers, and uses them to evoke a specific mood and character. Check out the amazing final photos, and take a peek behind the scenes in the videos.

Wisteria Princess

In this shoot, the model’s dress was blended into her surroundings with dozens of purple silk flowers.

The Bee Keeper

That’s real honey on the model’s shoulder.

The Queen Awakes (I)

This cobweb scene was inspired by the legend of Sleeping Beauty.

Madame Papillon

The bodice part of this costume is actually rigid and features model butterflies attached to it. The butterflies on the model’s hand and in her hair are real, preserved butterflies.

The Ice Queen

(via PetaPixel)

If you’d like to know more about Majic’s process, you can visit her online diary to see her inspirations and photos of her progress on the shoots. You can also see her other projects and shoots on her website, Facebook, and Instagram. You can even purchase prints at the online shop. In addition, the proceeds of the sales of this series are donated to the Canadian children’s charity, Because I am a Girl.