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Experience A Magical Floating City With These Surreal Photos

Dubai is known the world over for its impressive, over-the-top feats of architecture and engineering. The UAE metropolis is known for its stunning cityscape, from circular skyscrapers to a miniature map of the world created in artificial islands.

Daniel Cheong, a Dubai-based photographer, creates surreal-looking images of the massive, futuristic buildings from above. Heavy fog is common during the change of seasons in this part of the world. It often blankets the city so that most of the buildings are completely swaddled in clouds. Only the highest buildings are able to emerge through the top layer. When viewed from above, the city takes on an unearthly look, like illustrations from a science fiction story.

To capture the weather phenomenon, Cheong has to wait for both the right time of year and the right time of day. He carefully studies the weather patterns to make sure that the conditions are just right. He then makes his way to the higher floors of the city’s tallest buildings, anywhere from the 70th to 80th story, and begins taking pictures.

These are not straightforward snapshots, but rather a blending of several images to create one composite image. This creates a sense of movement, as well as a unique color palette to the photos. As far as not capturing the “real” city on camera, Cheong is unconcerned. “‘Straight out of the camera’ is a concept which I am not familiar with,” he says. “I don’t pretend to show reality, but an idealized version of it.”

You can see more of Cheong’s photos from around the world on his website.

(via My Modern Met)