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What Is In The Background Of This Woman’s Selfie Would Send Most People Running

You don’t often see it in nature documentaries or Coca-Cola ads, but polar bears are actually quite vicious. Reddit user AKZeb got to see it first hand when a friend of a friend uploaded some shocking pictures to Facebook.

According to her, she and the group she was with came across the carcass of a dead whale that had washed up on shore. As luck would have it, they found the carcass at the same time that a pack of hungry polar bears did.

They quickly examined the carcass while the polar bears eyed them, waiting for their chance to eat. Then, when the humans were far enough away, the pack pounced and began tearing the whale meat from the bones. With the vicious feeding frenzy happening just mere yards away, it was of course the perfect time to take a selfie…

Those polar bears look like they’re dangerously close.

According to AKZeb, the group she was with was armed with rifles in case the polar bears decided they wanted a side of human to go with their whale meat.


Here’s a picture of the woman cutting herself some meat from the whale carcass as the polar bears were closing in. Good thing she brought those riflemen with her.

(source: Reddit)

Sadly, scenes like this polar bear feeding frenzy on land are becoming more common in the North Pole region. Normally, polar bears hunt for seals out on the arctic sea ice. However, as global temperatures continue to rise, every year the amount of sea ice decreases and forces the bears on land to hunt. Meals like this dead whale are a rare treat for polar bears these days.