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Watch What Happens When This Bear Thinks No One Is Watching Him In The Woods

Deep in the wilderness of Russia resides a bear, a bear who has a dream. Not to become the king of all bears, or to find the fairest cub of them all, or to catch the tastiest fish from the river. No. This bear’s dream is to fulfill his wildest life ambition as a dancer, and you know what? I think he might just have exactly what it takes.

Watch him break it down here:

(source Daily Mail)

Let it all out, you Asian Black Bear, you! Dance your heart out! You probably feel like you’re alone in your dream of becoming the best dancing bear, but there are others out there…

It’s all in the hips.

Get low, bear. Get. Low.

*Dances like no one is watching.*

You don’t have to stay in the dark with those moves!

Okay, you win.

Take a hint from these talented bears – it’s impossible to look bad when you’re loving what you’re doing.