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When You See What A Silly Dad Does To Make His Baby Laugh, You Won't Stop Smiling

Amusing a baby isn’t exactly hard to accomplish. Babies are normally pretty fascinated by the rattling of keys or the spinning mobiles above their cribs. These objects can often amuse infants for hours on end. Thus, it comes as no surprise how a plastic bottle is all it took for hours of fun with this father and his baby daughter.

In the video below, the pair take turns chewing on plastic water bottles, much to the surprise of the baby. She seems genuinely confused about exactly what her dad is doing along with her. Even though babies are often confused about pretty much anything, her bewilderment here is completely valid.

(source KentuckyFriedIdiot)

These two are hilarious. I suspect she’ll have that exact same look of confusion on her face after tons of goofy moments for years to come.