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It's Impossible To Stop Laughing At These 27 Animals Who Have To Sneeze

Colds are the worst. You can’t sleep, you’re burning up and freezing at the same time, you’re constantly blowing your nose, and every two minutes you have to apologize for another loud, obnoxious sneeze. What could possibly lighten a sick person’s mood? How about a bunch of animals who are at their most adorable when they sneeze? Bless you!

1. That sneeze even took you by surprise, huh?

2. You’ll make it through this sneeze fit, little guy!


3. Gesundheit!

4. Salud!

5. Bless you!

6. Sorry, those are the only three languages I know how to say, “Bless you” in.

7. “Brother, what’s happening to me?! Help!”

8. He even sneezes slowly.

9. Ugh, getting caught mid-sneeze is no fun. I still think you’re cute, though!

10. Not everyone can sneeze gracefully…

11. You’re gonna sneeze yourself right out of that tree!

12. Look toward the light! Don’t lose the sneeze!

13. “So I said to him — ahhCHOOOoooo. Wait, what was I saying?”

14. This looked like it felt good to get out.

15. Careful not to hit your snout too hard!

16. Need a…towel for that one?

17. That’s right, shake every little bit of that sneeze out.

18. Didn’t anyone ever teach you to sneeze into your elbow? Manners, monkey!

19. Spring allergies are the worst.

20. “I don’t want what you have. I’m out.”

21. How dainty!

22. Not as dainty, but definitely cute.

23. Cold season really ruffles my feathers, too.

24. What’s your record for sneezes in a row? 25? 26? 30?!

25. This. Is. The. Best.

26. What’s cuter than a giant panda sneezing?

27. This is. This is cuter.

Bless you’s all around! And feel better soon. Be sure to get a whole lot of vitamin C!