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I Didn’t Think It Was Possible For Something This Cute To Exist: Meet The Ermine

Sure, cats are cute. And yeah, dogs are ridiculously adorable, too. So are foxes, hedgehogs, hamsters, and, of course, otters. But what’s the cutest animal out there ever?

Can you see him?

Look a little closer.

Okay fine, here he is up close.

He’s been called an ermine, a stoat, and a short-tailed weasel.

But you can just call him the cutest animal ever.

That smirk is priceless.

It’s this ‘lil guy’s turn to be on guard duty.

I’m not sure how effective he’ll be, given how adorable he is…

Oh, hey!

The cutest ice queen I’ve ever seen.

Building himself the world’s cutest igloo, maybe?

Here’s one with his brown summer coat instead of the white winter coat.

He’s so dashing in the darker coat!

Look at those little, round ears!

Am I dreaming? I have to be. You’re too cute!

Look at those big black adorable eyes!

Whatchya lookin’ for?

“Nom nom nom nom nom!”

This gorgeous guy looks a little miffed.

Or maybe it’s just those little brow markings.

Can I have a hug?


(via RM Videos)

They’re just too much to handle! How can so much cuteness be packed into something so tiny?? I still can’t believe it.