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These Animals May Be Cute, But They Are Actually Secret Cannibal Monsters

If the Internet has taught us anything about human interests, it has certainly proven that people L-O-V-E cute animals. Spending the day looking at animals could be considered an unhealthy and sometimes sad obsession. Yet some would argue it’s the fault of puppies and kittens for being so gosh-darn cute.

One thing we tend to forget is that, although cute, our beloved animals are just that. Animals sometimes do animal things, like eat their young. It’s a hard thing to swallow, but these cuties somehow manage to go about their lives feasting on the flesh of their own kind.

But they’re totes adorbs, right?

Cats. Yup! Your favorite little kitty has the capacity to eat its own young. 12.5% of kitten deaths are from the mothers.

Don’t look so high and mighty, dog lovers. Rover also loves the taste of newborn pup. Dog mothers sometimes don’t recognize their own, and decide to chomp them up and swallow (for a reason that escapes this author).

Ladybugs eat other ladybugs. Ever see a ladybug struggling because it lost a wing? Kill it, or one of its buddies will do something very unladylike.

Hermit crabs are always the perfect beach buddies, unless you’re another hermit crab. As hermit crabs start to molt, other crabs will often devour them while their bodies are still soft.

Turns out, those cheeks aren’t just for nuts and corn. 75% of hamster mothers eat part of their litters, and 95.5% of all hamster deaths are due to cannibalism.

We all learned the lifecycle of the frog in school. What they didn’t tell you was that somewhere in there is a step in which the tadpoles fight octagon style to the death. Whoever wins eats everyone else and gets to become an adult frog.

Yes, prairie dogs are cute little tunnelers. However, during storms, those tunnels can get crowded and food becomes scarce. One way of solving both problems is eating the precious prairie dog puppies.

Certain nutrients needed to develop from a caterpillar into a butterfly are only provided if you eat one of your caterpillar buddies. The price of beauty, I guess…

Hedgehogs have a strange survival technique that isn’t supersonic speed. Instead, when hedgehog mothers feel threatened, they will bravely consume their young in order to spare them from getting eaten by predators.

Sweet little duckling cannibalism may be the cruelest of all, as it can be randomly spurred on by boredom. Some youth quell boredom by starting bands, but ducks? They like eating their siblings.

Well, that’s the truth. Not so cute now, huh? I always thought ducks were quacks, but murderers?