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A Sweet Baby Bear's Reaction To The Outside World Will Have You Laughing So Hard

Meanwhile, in Yukon, Canada…

Peter Mather was minding his own business, driving along in his car, when he spotted a momma bear and decided to stop and snap some photos from a safe distance. Soon after the momma emerged from the den, a tiny, cranky baby bear followed after her. What happened over the course of the next 45 minutes is absolutely adorable.

“But mmmMMOOOOOoooom, I don’t WANT to go outside!”

At fist, the little lady sucked it up and did some resentful exploring.

But she soon started to cry and shout for her mother to go back into the den with her.

“It’s TOO. COLD. For this.”

Mather aligned the scene with one of a tired mother letting her young baby cry itself too sleep.

He does NOT look happy.

Mom slipped past her into the den and then proceeded to block the entrance for her cub. Try as she might, she couldn’t get past her mother. It would seem that the tired mom was adamant about her baby getting some fresh air while she got some “me time.”

Who can blame her? This little one seems like a real handful.

After 45 minutes of complaining, the two went back into their shelter to catch some ZZZZs.

(via Daily Mail)

This just goes to show you that we really aren’t all that different. Momma bear’s gotta catch her down time just as your mom did when you just wouldn’t go play outside for ten. Minutes.

But look how CUTE the little cub is when she’s angry!