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If You Think Mardi Gras Is Crazy Now, Just Wait Til You See These Vintage Pictures

Mardi Gras took place earlier this week (as did Carnival, depending on where you are in the world). Mardi Gras marks the final day before the 40-day Christian fasting season of Lent, which ends on Easter Sunday in April. Even if you’re not of the Christian faith, Mardi Gras is still a great experience for everyone.

Mardi Gras traditionally meant dressing up in elaborate costumes and taking to the streets for an evening of celebration. However, these days, the costumes have largely been forgotten. That’s probably a good thing, though. When you see these vintage Mardi Gras photos, you’ll see just how awfully scary the costumes were.

1. The creepiest thing here is the person with the dog mask.

2. I don’t want this guy coming to save me from a burning building.

3. Pretty sure I’ve seen this guy in my nightmares.

4. Even the children’s costumes were creepy.

5. A whole family of clowns. Is there anything more terrifying?

6. The neighborhood is infested with skeletons.

7. Why is that person wearing a bird cage on their head?

8. What the…!?!

9. That’s the last face you see before you’re murdered.

10. Umm…alright…

11. More clowns! Why!?

12. Hello there, demonic nightmares.

13. She’s coming to get you.

14. It wouldn’t be so creepy if they didn’t hide their whole face.

15. No clowns on this street, please.

16. “Smile for the camera.”

17. I wish I knew what was going on here.

18. Swamp creature?

19. Something tells me I’ve seen that clown before…in my nightmares.

20. Devil on the beach.

21. The world’s most terrifying parade float.

22. The chefs from hell.

23. This clown is partied out.

I know that this is one event I wouldn’t go back in time to experience If I had a time machine. I don’t think the nightmares would ever stop.