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She Looked Down At His Phone Only To Discover The Most Insane Messages Ever

Social media and text messaging affords us the chance to monumentally get each other’s attention in the easiest ways possible. However, this power can be used for both helpful and nefarious purposes. While it’s great for friends and family to easily reach you, it’s also a lot easier for random weirdos to contact you and potentially inflict harm.

Sometimes, said weirdos don’t just want to hurt you. Instead, they’d rather just freak you out. That’s exactly what happened in the exchange below—or so we hope.

No one just says “hi” anymore?

Was it just the doll burning? I really hope that’s what’s happening here.

That is a fair answer to this question, for sure.

At first, you might think that this doll was sent accidentally, without context. Yet there is something foreboding about the sender’s question. If this person knows how to contact her, what else does he know?