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25 Days Of Creepy Christmas, Day 24: Nutcrackers Are Terrifying, Especially These 14.

Welcome to our first annual ViralNova Presents: 25 Days Of Creepy Christmas special section! Every day, from December 1st to December 25th, we’re posting a new Christmas themed article guaranteed to get you in the creepy holiday spirit.

Nutcrackers have been a Christmas tradition for a very long time. The oldest known nutcracker was made in 1481. Scholars believe that nutcrackers were originally an ancient German tradition. The nutcrackers would act as guardians to help the yuletide season go smoothly.

Whether these figures are symbolic of something positive or not, I think we can all agree they can be extremely creepy. Just think about it: they have no lips and you can see their teeth all the way to the gums. Don’t turn your back on nutcrackers.

1. The nutcracker who is super into death metal.

2. This female nutcrackers cracks nuts with her impish gaze alone.

3. I can’t tell if this Santa nutcracker is pulling the elf out of the bag or into it, but I really don’t want to know.

4. Is that…yeah that’s blood all over his face and hands. Count me out.

5. Rrrrrrr….

6. I’m now very aware of how the nutcracker’s mouth reaches very below his ribcage. How is this given to children?

7. This nutcracker is terrifying only because he probably talks a lot about chill wave music.

8. The beard growing directly out of the gums always freaks me out too.

9. At least this nutcracker has a hobby outside of cracking nuts.

10. This nutcracker is probably on all sorts of drugs.

11. I think I’ll skip the check up Dr. Nutcracker, thanks though.

12. This thing has John Goodman’s face. No question.

13. Harry Truman nutcracker. Scary because who would even make a Harry Truman anything?

14. Bear with me here while I wet myself in terror.

I don’t think I’ve ever used a nutcracker to actually crack nuts. I feel like it would just make them scarier because then I’m more aware of their true power.

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