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There Is Nothing More Terrifying Than These Unintentionally Creepy Kids' Drawings

The mind of a child is simultaneously simple and mysterious. It often seems they only think of candy and ferris wheels; at the same time, they can conjure a scribbly, Lovecraftian demon onto paper during drawing time at school.

If you’ve never seen a drawing from a child that physically shakes you, you should know that it’s a singularly terrifying experience. Just take a look at these drawings. They’re right out of your nightmares.

1. Maybe we shouldn’t have put Dante’s Inferno on the reading list this year.

2. Even the sun takes delight in the death of Mommy.

3. What is that mysterious orb the kid is conspiring with? I do not like this.

4. The eeriest thing is the faint outline of the cross underneath the writing. Very subtle. Very creepy.

5. “Merry Deathmas” would make a good name for a Metallica Christmas album.

6. I dig Graham’s ‘never-say-never’ attitude.

7. I have to hand it to him. The whole getting married for “72 whole minutes” is some on-point satire.

8. Judging by the smiles on the witnesses, the victims of these murders had it coming.

9. And by “Hell” he means that evil sandwich around some scribbles.

10. Haha! Fun, right?!?

11. Please don’t let that be blood! Please don’t let that be blood!

12. First this flower…then the world!

13. Let’s hope these aren’t tears of joy for Sarah’s sake.

14. Yeesh.

15. Maybe she meant satin? Like the fabric?

16. That comically large suitcase may have just saved Dad’s life. Watch where you’re going next time, Mom!

17. I have no idea what’s going on here, but I guess it’s good that Rapunzel is doing ok?

18. To be fair to Jack, I would probably do the same. Those green gypsies can’t be trusted.

19. You gotta look up to someone, I guess…

20. And now a feature length nightmare.

I think what makes these inherently creepy is the purity of children juxtaposed with the haunting doom that they innocently drew. It’s kind of similar to when scary movie trailers use a kid singing a nursery rhyme against the bloody slaughtering on the screen. Hello, nightmares!