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15 Of The Weirdest And Craziest Things Found on Google Maps In 2014

Google Maps never stops being a source of immense entertainment. Those Google Maps cars and satellites capture life as it happens. You never know what you’ll find when accessing the street and/or satellite view of an unfamiliar area on the service. It could be something weird, scary, hilarious, or breathtaking. You just never know.

With that in mind, 2014 was an exceptional year to be a fan of the strange things on Google Maps. Here are the top 15 weirdest, craziest things we found while using Google Maps during this past year.

1. Google Maps glitching out when a plane flies by.

2. An abandoned movie theater in the middle of the Sinai Desert.

3. A giant wake that looks like a sea serpent in New Zealand.

Google Maps

4. A hidden message on this island, reading “Eat Me.”

5. This strange yet cool fellow contemplating life in a car from the future.

6. This crazy guy chasing the Google Maps car down the street.

7. This man’s giant arm (the result of a Google Maps glitch).

8. People wearing pigeon masks.

9. Google Maps giving us weird colors.

10. The Google Maps car going through the drive-thru.

11. Possible alien on the Moon?

12. Scuba divers attacking the Google Maps car.

13. That time a strange path in the shape of a cat appeared in the woods of New Zealand.

14. The massive Wadi us-Salaam Graveyard in Iraq.

Google Maps

15. This man with a cat on his head.

The world is a wacky and wild place, and Google Maps helps us experience this from the comfort of our homes. If you don’t feel like putting on pants or taking a shower this weekend, just pull up good ‘ol Google and explore the world around you.