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This Creepy Home In Russia Gives A New Meaning To The Phrase 'Doll House'

When you go exploring, you sometimes come across something you wish you had not encountered.

Imagine for a moment that you’re exploring a vast wilderness or countryside in Russia. Maybe you went out for a hike, just to see what there is to see. You don’t know exactly where you’re heading, but you don’t care. You know you’ll find something worth exploring. Then you enter a clearing, coming out of the shaded woods and into the sunlight. Not too far ahead stands a house. The sight of a house after hours of dense forest is a relief, at first. But then…

You walk closer, imagining a hot cup of tea or maybe a meal offered by a kind local after a long trek.

Then you notice something strange on the fence around the property. Something creepy and foreboding. An animal’s skull, surrounded by the heads of baby dolls, rests on top of a rotten wooden fence.

It must be a joke or something. Why else would someone do something like this? Despite the strange fence, you continue on.

You get closer to the house, and suddenly you can’t help but notice how quiet the forest around you has gotten. You begin to notice more and more children’s toys hanging and nailed up around the property. You get a vague, uneasy feeling in your stomach.

The faces of the dolls and stuffed animals nailed to the side of a shed stare back at you as the silence grows heavier. Their eyes seem to be watching you. But that can’t be, right?

The more you walk around, the more stuffed animals and dolls you see nailed up to trees and fences. You become anxious about whoever lives here. You’re hoping whoever did this is far away.

The silence becomes unbearable. You wish a bird would chirp, or a dog would bark. You wish you could hear anything that would bring you out of this otherworldly silence. And suddenly…

…a single, slow and wheezy squeak echoes through the property. You freeze, cold sweat dripping on the back of your neck. Another squeak calls out. Then others, more rapidly wheezing and squeaking. The hollow sound of a toy baby doll’s “mama” close behind you.

The squeaks and wheezes multiply, sounding faster and louder. The noise becomes deafening around you. You try to cry out, but cannot hear your own voice. You turn and run as quickly as you can back into the woods and don’t look back.


There are plenty of creepy places in the world, and some of them are best left undisturbed. Let’s hope you never encounter this house of horrors.