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A Strange Etsy Store Is Selling One Of The Creepiest Products Online (EEK)

Etsy’s Uncanny Art Shop is a great place to find some weird, wacky, and downright creepy things. Somehow, they’ve managed to take it to a whole new level of bizarre with their new Bodily Candles. Each candle is mad from soy wax and has been meticulously sculpted to look like part of a human head.

Why do they have to include teeth? WHY?

“Say cheese!”

You can pick up your very own creepy candle for just $17.79.

You might have to wait a few weeks, though, since these candles are selling like hotcakes. (Which is ironic, ’cause the hot cakes really aren’t moving.)

(via: Dangerous Minds)

I’m tempted to buy one of these candles, just to see how they smell. For more creepy crafts, make sure to check out the Uncanny Art Shop on Etsy.